My New Profile for Writing and Art…I am Mark Kokopelli Watkins!

Speaking of writing, my all-time-favorite quote comes from another more famous author, Alfred Lord Tennyson…”Love is the only gold.”
Hi everyone and welcome to the realm of posts, ramblings and artistry according to this eclectic published author/poet/artist/retired therapist/actor(SAG) and ordained Christian minister, Mark Kokopelli Watkins. I sign all of my art with a pseudonym: MW Kokopelli {of which you can see samples of my artwork Kokopelli, or at this website,…in theArtists and Artisans section, or on Facebook}.

So, you are probably wondering, “Where did this guy come from?” Well, I was born in Lexington, KY, while my father and mother were
in graduate school at Lexington Theological Seminary. Yes, that is right! I ama PK, preacher’s kid, so you know what that means? I, of course, am a perfect archangel, only riddled by the…”guilt of my many grievous sins!” I clearly remember  back to when I was four years old…living in hot, dusty and
rattlesnake infested Tuscon, Arizona. I started my dry humor there and began appreciating the imaginative beauty of the indigenous American Navaho Tribe’s colorful history, sacred beliefs and culture.

After a time of living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and encountering the KKK burning a 10-foot cross on our lawn in the middle of the night; plus,
learning how to drink coffee at the ripe young age of five years(thanks to friends of the preacher, my dad), I mainly grew up in Historic Irvington,
located on the Eastside of Indianapolis, from the first grade through highschool graduation. I have a B.A. in Religion from Hiram College, located in
Hiram, OH, where I began shockingly refining my art skills by winning some contests sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Art. My M.Div. degree was granted by the excellent professors at Christian Theological Seminary, located here in Indianapolis, IN, sharing the campus of Butler University where CTS had been the original Butler School of Religion.

I left Atlanta, Ga, in the summer of 1997, having lived there for approximately 18 years and following a difficult divorce, exactly 13 years ago!
It was then that I decided to return to Indy so I could live near my parents and most importantly,… to marry my all time best friend(deeply secret love),
Kim Friedly, my lovely, supportive and brilliant significant other! Kim’s main blessing in my mind was sharing her two wonderful, talented and smart children, Sara(27 yrs., Ball State Grad.) and Tony(23 yrs., Ball State Grad.). I now had a spouse and children to help raise. Then suddenly, a true miracle occured…Kim gave me a beautiful, healthy and intelligent baby girl named Morgan Olivia. I guess that proved those so-called,”god doctors,” wrong about my ability to have children in this life! Morgan still loves to watch my TV commercial demo-CD and hear my radio commercial voice-overs. She is truly my little angel fairy! She is 11 yrs. old now and growing up too fast!

I am proud to be listed with many of the best artists and artisans on the Eastside of Indianapolis: Historic Irvington and the Irvington Guild of Artists.  I added Kokopelli as my pseudonym  back when I joined the Screen Actors Guild in Nashville,  Tennessee, out of a deep respect and appreciation for him as the god of fertility and connectivity with the spirit world. I am not an American Indian, or Italian Mafia member, but a very creative and spiritual person… as many of my writings and art pieces reflect! My published educational programs, articles and reviews are mainly religious in nature, but my poetry is very earthy, which is very similar to my artwork. At this moment in time, I am proud to say I have sold 155 pieces of art and I have donated/given 68 as gifts to family and friends. My works of art are mainly acrylic on canvas, ink and pen on canvas board, watercolors on paper and mixed-media…filled with many bold images of love, human conflict and suffering, often appearing very colorful, unique,crafted, creative eruptions, gregarious, personal, wild, often complicated and detailed in nature, form and style!

Please, I beg of you, to try not to categorize me as an author, or artist, because I believe in my heart of hearts that we are all artists in this
life, just trying to express as many of the vivid images we see, hear, touch,feel, perceive and imagine! …and I hope you enjoy at least one, or more, of
the pieces I write in the words on this blog and my art pieces, so that you walk away with an insatiable desire to see, or read, more of my works, wherever
they may be hanging! Your new acquaintance…Mark Kokopelli Watkins




So, this is my first post and I am excited to be here writing thoughts and sharing some images of my recent art pieces. I sold two more paintings this week:…”Sleepy Hollow…Innate”(Black Ink on White Canvas, framed print 9″ x 12″, c.2011) and “Stonehenge Summer Solstice”(Bright Acrylics on an 18″ x 24” canvas, original piece). That makes my 154th art piece that I have sold in the past seven years. To say the least, it has been a great week all around professionally.

I am very excited to finally be blogging and I hope to read many other blogs by writers that I find creative and interesting! I have two shows where I am the “Featured Artist”…one during October and the other in December. All of my Halloween pieces continue to hang in Lazy Daze Coffee house in Historic Irvington. The piece I am uploading for you to view today is a black and white, ink on canvas, representation of Historic Irvington, located on the East side of Indianapolis near where the original Butler University was located. It is very detailed and I hope you enjoy seeing my illustration.

Have a great evening and weekend…I am,

Mark Kokopelli Watkins

Historic Irvington on the East side of Indianapolis,IN

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